"I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then." ~ Alice in Wonderland


*Star rating system*

1- some sort of flouncing; 2 - ranty with moments of ok-ness; 3 = liked it; 4-some love somewhere; 5 - I have all the luffs for everyone.

I haz a confused...

Hopeless  - Colleen Hoover

Flounced. Not counting this toward my goal as I did not finish. I should have known with the high number of 4 and 5 stars, but I hope. I keep hoping. It's obviously, wait for it, hopeless.

Can aaaaaanybody fiiiind meeeeee...

Somebody to Love - Kristan Higgins

I have an actual headache from rolling my eyes. Why do all the women in these books reek of desperation? I don't know, maybe because I'm not looking, but do a lot of women act this desperately? This stupid? This annoyingly cliched?


Might explain why no one ever invites me go hang with the girls. I'd be the chic telling everyone to STFU and grow a pair. I mean, COME ON!!! *bangs head on desk*


And let's not forget the lack of communication and abundance of misunderstandings.

I wanted to actually cause physical harm to 80% of the characters in this book.

Oh well - maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm broken. I'm not going to be able to carry on with this author, though. I flounced three of the books within the first 3 chapters.



Until There Was You - Kristan Higgins

I could probably just copy and paste here my review for the first book of hers that I read. This MC did not annoy me as much as the last but I do wonder why, in chic lit, so many women let (yes, I said let - as in allow) their own family members treat them so badly. The cousin in this book needed her ass handed to her but not only did the MC let her walk all over her, she invited her to do so. 


I did get my tears. Yay me. And after two books, I'm kind of over that. But I'm going to try a couple of more from my TBR of this author and really give myself a good break from historical roms - if I can. I see myself caving and running to the Lords within 72 hours. LOL

Yeah, so I got those tears I was looking for...

Catch of the Day - Kristan Higgins

I originally started a different book first but I did not like it at all. (Just One of the Guys) So, I flounced that one and moved on to the next book on my TBR list for this author. I was so very close to flouncing this one as well, but I decided to carry on. Carry on, carry on. Car-ryyyyyy oooo-ooo-oo-on-on.


I did not like Maggie. Not for any one reason. She just was not someone I'd ever put up with in real life, so no real hope for her in the fictional one. There was too much over the top ridiculousness at first. I was like, Who does that?


But, like I said, I did carry on and finish the book. I had my obligatory tears about 3/4 through and there were no surprises. Even though, bless her heart, the author tried. I was disappointed that the very last paragraph is the "happily ever after". Why do books do that? I suffered through all of those pages and you give me a paragraph or two of HEA? *rolls eyes* Whatever. On to the next book. I think I'm going to get through these faster that I originally expected.

January = month of hormones? Say what now?

Y'all, I am about to start something I've been putting off.


I have a bunch of Kristen Higgins' books and I'm about to dive in. At goodreads they all have pretty decent ratings, I guess. So I figure, let's just get it over all at once. Let us let the hormones fly. I can already see the typical "misunderstandings" lining up. The residual teenage angst now that the MC is all grown up. The underlying insecurities. The collection of gods posing as men on earth...



But you know what? Fcuk it. I need me some good ol'- sit by the fire- get comfy under the blanket- pull in my cup of hot cocoa- make the cat lay by me- while eating left over chocolate covered cherries readin'.


So - here's to January. I'm hoping to get a good cry in with each of these books. I need to release the tears.

If only...

A. N. Roquelaure Box Set - A.N. Roquelaure, Anne Rice



I would love for LITCHICK to read this trilogy.

Oh the gifs!!!

All of the PSAs.


Anne Rice tries hard core erotica and falls flat. The first scene is an 18 year old prince raping Sleeping Beauty awake.


- that's not a lie. That is the opening of the first book.

And it proceeds from there to be three books of princes and princesses pretty much doing everything BDSM - but no actual consent anywhere. It's like a fairyland kingdom full of weird kidnapping and brutal assaults. But no one actually consents to it... at first.


So, I can get behind a good dark erotica book. I enjoy a BDSM book now and again if it is done properly, but this one... well, I just really was squicked out and now my nipples hurt. There was a lot of pain in these.

The Chocolate Thief

The Chocolate Thief - Laura Florand

OK, I'm just going to come right out and say it:

 - I don't think I'm a proper fan of chocolate. I mean, the descriptions in here probably would make a true fan swoon. But me? Nothing. Nada. Zip. It was just wordy prose to me. I rolled my eyes a bit and then skimmed the passages because really - IDGAF about the way bitterness played with the cinnamon and what not. It wasn't sexy. It was - lengthy. I feel this way about music descriptions too. Like when authors talk about the music rising up and movements and whatever other "jargon" words they find to use. I'm not artsy. I have a cold black heart. hee hee


Other than that, the story itself was pretty good. There were a few dumb parts (like wasteful money spending. I don't care how rich you are - You.Don't.Do.That!)


But there were some very yummy parts with the male lead, Sylvain.


Overall, this book is a clean, straight up, chic lit - prior to the bastardization of the genre with what is currently known as new adult. Can we just go back to chic lit and erotica and kill the whole new adult movement?

I just want something fun and cute and well-written to cheer me up. Not STOOPID and annoying and so totally wrong! Maybe I'll go to my bookcase and find something that I loved a while ago and read it again. I'm in a slump.

and I have books I won to read still, but I'm in a meh mood so I don't think that's fair to them because I probably won't like anything new I start right now. 

Oh. My. God! I am even annoying myself!!!

#banning self from posting on any sites For rest of the night/funk

I could use a little post apocalypse in my life...

Pretty soon booklikes will be super huge and this won't happen...


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I WANT to like you so badly!

I started The Princess and the Peer today. I'm not flouncing it, yet, but I am moving it to the back burner for a while. I really want to like it. Do authors understand that? I'm never looking to hate a book. I want a good story. I want the adventure. I want to get sucked in.


Not happening here. The editing and stuff is fine, but I don't particularly like the writing style. You know when someone asks a question and the character starts thinking to herself and three pages later she is still running some damn what if or suppose or if only bullshit in her head. And I'm wondering what in the ever loving hell is the other character doing? Are they frozen in time while they wait for a response? Are they staring and having their own mindgasm? Do they even care or are they seconds from yelling, "Do you have a mental problem, or are you going to answer the effing question?"


i get get really frustrated because all that thinking has nothing to do with the story. I used to be able to just skim it but now it really bothers me. Was your book so short that you went back and added this bullshit to make it longer? Are you that bad a writer that you couldn't fill the pages with actual plot and or character development? Or is this how you develop the MC? If so, gotta say, I'm NOT loving it.

The King's Courtesan

The King's Courtesan - Judith James

It was a solid 3. I kind of liked book one a little better. Overall, a good little 2 book series read in the early historical romance genre. 


This post is dedicated to the YES!!! moment I just had.


You know, when you're reading a story and the plot all starts to fall in to place and that one moment, that one sentence that pulls it all together, and your whole body clenches you make a fist and punch the air while yelling, "YESSSS!!!" Then bounce up and down in your seat, making weird giggly noises.




Libertine's Kiss

Libertine's Kiss - Judith James

In a world of books today that are so poorly edited, I give this book major stars just for being well-written. Which is sad because that should not really be a consideration. I blame the current trend in very poorly edited new adult POS books.


I did have a couple of little personal conflicts. The main character immediately reminded this English monarchy nerd quite a bit of a poet from Charles II reign, John Wilmot. As the book went on the MC became more and more like this real life Earl. In the end, I see the character was "shaped" after the poet I was thinking of all along. Now, again, me being cuckoo for English puffs, it really took away from the story because - historically speaking - I did not like John Wilmot at all. He was a satirical poet who died of VD at like 30 or something. He was too vain and selfish to ever love anyone. And besides, VD grosses me out.


ANYWAY - my point? Crap, I had one... got sidetracked, being all pissed off at John Wilmot again. Oh yeah, it totally made me not like the MC of this book. Which is sad because William (our hero) was quite lovely at times and the book had a very happy ending.

HOWEVER - it really should not have. There is a point in the book where Elizabeth is down to her last bit and will not make it through winter. She has an offer from a very respectable, nice, decent Captain Nichols. But she turns him down. It didn't make sense. There was too big of a gap and the girl was near complete destitution. She hadn't seen William in years. It was 1661 for Christ's sake. She would have took the security. If not for herself, then for the three elderly staff she had with her (in their 60s).

OK OK.. the book was really good and if you are a fan of that time in history but do not know who John Wilmot is, or maybe you are a fan of his, then you will love the book. In all of English history, the years leading up to and immediately following Charles II recapture of the throne (from the Civil War and stupid Cromwell and the whole Restoration period) are some of my least favorite in history. So, on a personal level, I was not a fan.


Now I'm just being wordy. Because it was so well written, I am actually looking forward to the other book in the series: The King's Courtesan.

Summary: Haunted by his past, hardened by the recent civil war, Captain Robert Nichols lives only for revenge. When told he must marry the king’s courtesan to provide a cover for their affair, he’s faced with a new low. Both are pawns of a great man, but married to their dreams of independence, their clash is inevitable.


Yes... it's our lovely Captain that the heroine in book one refused. I loved him when he made his minor appearances in book one and I'm hopeful that I'll love him here. Although, the female lead and the King may piss me off. *crosses fingers*

Wish me luck! I have so much emotional conflict in this historical period. To love? To hate? To wring someone's neck. What's a girl to do?


Libertine's Kiss - Judith James

None of my friends have read/rated this book so on our behalf (behalves?)... I'M GOING IN, Y'ALL!



The Luckiest Lady in London - indeed

The Luckiest Lady in London - Sherry Thomas

Everyone gave this great reviews going in so, of course, ever the pessimist, I was skeptical. Shame on me. I loved it.

I was rather upset when I was having such a good time and the characters were so much fun but then I found myself crying because of a big ol' emotional pit in my tummy, but I carried on.

What's a girl to do?

Do I continue to read the book that I am pretty sure I know how it ends and can see all plot twists a mile away?


Or do I start a new book?


Or, do I take a break from reading for a couple of days and have a weekend marathon TV viewing? I have been told I need to watch the BBC television series Sherlock and I can watch it for free on Amazon Prime.


Decisions decisions decisions.


Oh, and yes... you probably guessed:

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