My Wicked Marquess - Gaelen Foley, James Griffin I wanted to read this series. Book 1 had a great beginning - but then about 40% through... I just couldn't take anymore. This female lead, Daphne, is one of the worst I have encountered in historical romances. I'm so sad because I really needed a good HR to make me feel better after all the horrible 'new adult' I've been reading.I feel so bad for Max. He is a great character and I would have been happier if this story didn't go down the toilet with this incredibly annoying and unbelievable Daphne. I wanted to throttle her and am so glad I was reading the ebook and not the paper back or I would have probably torn the book to shreds in frustration and anger. Seriously. Do. Not. Like. Her.She is set up to be this great heroine - but she is a simpering idiot. So I just can't get behind her in anyway. Sadly, she ruined the whole series for me and I won't read book 2.