Raising Ryann - Alyssa Rae Taylor No. I seriously don't get it. Does no one bother with editors anymore? Stories need editing for more than grammar and usage. Authors need someone to tell them when their characters fall apart. Female lead, Reese? Hated her. Unfortunately it started out for a silly reason. Just a personal pet peeve when authors make cell phones in to overused props. Throw in some Three Stooges physical humor, which I abhor, and there's no return from the downward spiral. The dialogue? Cheesy. The fact that she didn't have a clue who he was and 'conveniently' missed his name when the teacher called it? Ugh, flouncing by chapter 4. The conversation between her and the coworker was stereotypical for the scene and pretty much exact same lead female/gay male supporting role cliched, roll your eyes, and flip your iPad off flop. And please stop dropping band names and other crap in to the story. No one gives a damn that your ringtone is M&S. you're not cool for mentioning them and it actually ticks me off.I might be a bit harsh but it gets so tiresome. I still have like ten other books in this genre that I bought on Amazon to read and I'm hoping just one of them makes it worth it. At this rate, I'm 90% convinced these were all written by the same person who has fifty different identities. There's just nothing standing out in the style or dialogue. And I refuse to try to even understand the "he's so hot" 5 star reviews. What does that have to do with the writing? I'm sorry but the lead male's hotness, for me, is directly proportionate to the author's writing talent.