Ugly Ducklings Finish First - Stacy Gail I was all on board for a geek turned chic story; however, this one fell flat. I flounced after this line: "Even if it was Payton Pruitt"Obviously every one only saw her looks. I would have wished that she showed up and people talked to her because she was smart and worth knowing for other reasons than she now looked hot. She had no personal growth. Couldn't she look hot without being a vapid vain person like the kids in high school were. She had turned in to what they were in high school instead of a beautiful woman, and by the time I flounced, he hadn't changed much either. And before everyone says I flounced too early - my thought is this: Don't set your characters up with these qualities in the first couple of chapters and expect me to believe they are totally different further in to the book when you start extolling their virtues. First impressions and all - you know.