Dizzy - Nyrae Dawn,  Jolene Perry Meh, I just wasn't that in to it. One thing that I don't like is when authors have it so one character has to tell the other one something and they're like, "Shh. Later." Or walking away from the convo, or whatever other tool to drag it out. I have never in my life - nor, I have ever known anyone who - heard the words, "We need to talk," or "I have to tell you," or "I wanted to say," and then brush it off and neither person bring it up again and this THING, for lack of a better word, never gets said - or is put off so long that I'd rather slit my wrists than read anything else that happens on the page.Huh. Maybe it's just me. /shrugs. Maybe I'm just too nosy -slash- impatient -slash- OCD, but if someone says they have something to tell me (unless I'm sitting on the toilet and they're yelling through the door) I'm all ears.