Rush Me - Allison Parr This was a super fun read and has lots of swoony parts to make me warm and happy. When I finished reading this book last night (ok, 3 a.m. this morning) I realized that while there were naked fun times, this author did not write them in detail. Which was refreshing to me because it seems like all I read anymore are an over abundance of explicit details during intercourse. (NGL - love that, but can get tiring, ya know?) Other part of this book that I really loved was the snark and UST between main characters. They reminded me of how Rory and that blonde dude toward the final seasons of Gilmore Girls were. You know, snarky and flirty before they hooked up. Like they didn't like each other but wanted to have smexy times. So, yeah, 4 stars. I am super surprised because this type of book doesn't normally go over well when I'm PMS'ing, yet, the female didn't annoy me too much at all. SHOCKER!