Heart on a Chain - Cindy C. Bennett This book started out really well-written. There were lines that hit home on personal levels and I cried at certain bits in the first 10-20% of book. Then things just went downhill. I get so frustrated when a character is written in these real (emotional, physical, gut wrenching real) situations but then they're white-knighted to death. Like Mr. Rich and Fabulous comes to town with his perfect family and they dress her up and buy her things and pay her way and grandpa gives her a secret stash of hundred dollar bills. And so much else was wrong. Her being charged with death of her mother - yes, it worked out, but it never should have happened the way it was written. And so much else just went from the realness in the first quarter of the book to what started resembling every fanfiction story with abuse I've ever read. At the 75% mark, I finally threw my hands up and angrily tossed my iPad across the floor. (ok, it landed on a pile of pillows cuz I ain't tryin' to break it, yo!) The stuff with her dad was unbelievable and unresolved as far as I'm concerned. The kids at school? Ugh. All of it. I call b.s. Huh. I gave it 2 stars (closer to 1 probably). How do so many people give this such a high rating? *banging head on desk*