the proposition - Katie Ashley Ok, so I went in to this knowing full well what happened at 90% mark. I liked the beginning of the book. It was cute and ok until about 70% thru the whole vibe of the story just changed. Up to that point (and especially the beginning) the author makes you feel like Emma is pretty much alone and wants this baby to complete her family and blah blah blah... but then all of a sudden, Emma has this HUGE ASS family that lives in the mountains and Emma just all of a sudden became this crazy psycho female character. Knowing what I did about the 90% mark, I almost was on board with it. Did the original author give up and someone else finish writing this book? Is the author's name really Sybil and her different personalities took over? Because it felt like a totally different person authored the last the 40% of this book. Maybe the author went through some life altering event in the middle of writing this book? I don't know and IDGAF because it went from light and cute to what the F were you thinking reading this? Not to mention that all the impression I had of the characters in the beginning of the book, just changed. Why bother setting up a character to be one way and then just change them in the middle. (e.g. Emma going from lonely to big ass family, and other parts of both characters' established persona.)Sadly, I will start the next book because I'm wondering which of the author's personalities wrote that one.