My Kind of Trouble (Texas Trouble, #1) - Becky McGraw I hate to type this. I don't like giving reviews when I don't finish the story, but I'm so aggravated that I have to let out some steam. I am flouncing for the following reasons:- main female character all of a sudden just became a different person. No, really. She is nothing like she was the first 25% of the book. Just completely turned. - the whole 10 year stint away from home was caused because she saw her boyfriend in what she thought was a cheating situation. Which, duh, we all know... really wasn't, so she left and they've been apart for all this time because of that. *yeah, go ahead and roll your eyes. I did.- main male character went from Sheriff to sucka in 2.5 seconds. - oh and he just decided one night that he's going to quit being a sheriff and become a rancher and buy all of her daddy's cattle and it's no big deal.- they are so short on help, but no one is ever actually working at the flipping ranch. But hey, whatever, you're selling it all this week to the man you hated last week but now lurve again. - oh, and let's not forget that her dad fell off his horse spooked by a snake. then she comes to help him and same thing happens to her. Original.- then she tries for some alone time in the middle of the day at lake (you know, while there's so much to do at the ranch and they're so short handed) and he shows up (again, nothing to do at the ranch. which, p.s. he took 3 weeks vacation to help them. disappeared for one of the weeks because he was all butthurt over her) and then they fight and she falls and breaks her leg and gets a concussion.- evidently one invalid in the story wasn't enough.- so he hates her again and wants nothing to do with her and is all like, weeee are never ever ever getting back together. And she's all like, but I love you!- so she blacks out and instead of taking her to the hospital he calls his BFF to the lake and an ambulance so he can walk away, but then sit at his house and go all cookoo for cocoa puffs because he doesn't know how she's doing. Again - you took three weeks off sheriff duty so you could work the ranch, perhaps you wanna go, oh I don't know, to. the. ranch!? - Then he decides he's going to pick her up from the hospital and take her to his BFFs lake house for a week. Am I the only one this upset over the ranch being neglected? And this dude wants to have his own ranch with 500 head of cattle? - so, she's all settled in the big bed and he heads back to town to fill her prescriptions and buy groceries, where he runs in to her ex that she dumped two days ago. Yeah, he's still hanging out and apparently unable to bath, shave, or brush his teeth. They argue and push each other and the ex says, "oh, i wanna file charges. Assault." And of course, the sheriff is arrested by his deputy and BFF. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I flounced. Because this is just whack!