Pole Dance (Dance, #1) - J.A. Hornbuckle Hmmm. Where to start? I guess, most importantly, the editing and writing is horrible. When in first person, the author slips in to third. Words are just missing. And, I'm thinking the author is either not a native English speaker, or a very hard-lived thirteen year old. Frankly, I'm not looking at the author's goodreads page because I don't want to be squicked out! The title for this book and the summary is misleading. Girl does not become a pole dancer, and in fact, only has anything to do with the damn pole in the opening scene. Instead she has broke ass problems left and right and from the second h/h meet, he takes over. Gag me. It's not bad enough that the dialogue is, I don't know, off? Just wrong? I can't explain it, but if you can't make your lead character speak somewhat coherently, then I can't make myself believe he is very attractive. So, you've lost me.I flounced so I don't know how this story ends, but for a girl who was so broke that she ate ramen noodles twice a day, there were just too many inconsistencies. How she fed a cat but couldn't feed herself, I will never know. And is it just me, or did the cat completely disappear after like chapter eight or so? So many jobs that she didn't have to study, but could go out with dude every single night. Virgin, but not. Supposedly no one had ever seen her "pink parts" (no, really, that's what she always calls them) but when they have sex, she was on top and it was all orgasm city. The setting had me confused. A college town with one little store, a bank, a bowling alley and a car wash... For fucks sake. Oh, yeah, and a strip club next to a tattoo parlor and adult toy store. Oh wait, there was an old folks home and an accounting firm above a coffee shop, too. I may have lost consciousness here as I banged my head on the arm of my couch.Her boss at one job jerks off, LITERALLY, when she comes to get her check. The bank manager who is old, fat, balding, and gross is at her apartment harassing her, as if! Obviously, that shady character is trying to rob her somehow, but I just have no fucks left to give.So, if you want erotica to read, skip this.