Naked Edge - Pamela Clare I did not like this one as much as the first three. It was pretty much the same formula as the rest.1. Virginal (or inexperienced) female reporter stumbles on big story.2. Too-hot-to-be-real male shows up and has ties to big mystery.3. Death threats against female makes male pound chest and grunt.4. The two spend time together under the guise of protection a.k.a. excuse for the nookie.5. Reader figures out mystery while leads continue having smexy times, and female hopes she is preggers.6. Entire I-Team rallies for the threatened du jour. 7. Holly flirts.8. Every one assures female that the male totes lurves her.9. More smex - because I've not rolled my eyes enough yet.10. Bad guys are caught.11. Reese introduces a bill.12. Marriage, babies, all the males bond and become BFFs.