A Dom's Dilemma - Kathryn R. Blake Is it wrong that I wanted to take over and beat Kelly myself? I kept hoping Jim would just yell her safeword at her and walk away. This woman was so damn annoying. I don't understand how anyone so deathly afraid of a little swat would so blatantly disobey a direct order like DON'T COME TO THE STATION. Then proceed to fight and swear and put up such a huge fit in front of his coworkers. She seriously made me wonder how she functions in life. So, Kelly meets Jim and immediately wants to be with him forever and ever because he shows her a tiny bit of affection. She is a mental case that drove me beyond frustration. I wonder that she didn't cling to every male she met. Hmm. Perhaps Jim should run a background check - I'm sure there are about 50 restraining orders on this girl. From the mailman to former bosses to the guy who bags her groceries and took the time to ask paper or plastic. She must be special to him, too. OMG. GIRL - you are not a sub... you are a fucking clingy needy head case.