Lengths - Steph Campbell, Liz Reinhardt It started off well, but then quickly became a raging case of wussy dude vs way-over-written chic. There are not enough free therapy sessions on the planet to help either one of these characters. The romance moved way too fast and this beach bum dude falling in love with someone who consistently treated him like crap was just too unbelievable. I can never really get behind female leads that are written in hopes of getting reader sympathy but do everything in total hypocrisy. The character's motivations and reasons for her actions never match what she actually does or how she reacts. Luckily, the male lead's hidden treasure of coins under his bed made for an impossible happily ever after that had me hoping for a sequel, only so I could watch them blow up and leave each other in crippled messes, totally FUBAR and probably with a couple of screaming hippie-like kids of their own to mind fuck.