Glamorous Illusions - Lisa Tawn Bergren I'm so torn. I love the world/ story but it started to get boring toward the end and there was too much inner voiceovers/prayers. Then the book just ended so I didn't even get a resolution or any kind of pay off for making myself read the last 50 pages. Is this going to be a book series? Will the next book pick up where this left off? Meh... I'm not happy. If this is a series, I don't think I really care enough to read more. Especially if I have to hear another "Oh Lord..." I also was not a fan of how the Cora chapters were in first person but all the male perspective chapters switched to third person narrative. Ugh, I think I just have a headache right now. I probably shouldn't leave a review when I'm so freshly frustrated with the book. Note to self: from now on, wait a day to review.