Magic Study - Maria V. Snyder I am a little mad that none of my friends rec'd these books to me sooner! If I have anyone on my f-list who hasn't read this - do it. In book 2 of this trilogy, Yelena makes me like her even more than I did in book one. Ari and Janco are still two great supporting characters. Irys steps up and has a bigger role in this book, and I'll hint that one character I thought I would hate, I love - and one that I thought I'd love, I hate (in that good, you're supposed to hate them, kind of way.) We get to see into the lands of the Zaltanas (where I'd choose to live in my fictional fantasy dream world). Yelena's magic steps up more. Hmm. What else? Oh yeah, Valek! Can I just say that I love how this author writes the YxV romance. It's actually very beautiful to me. While they don't spend "a lot" of time together in this book (Yelena's a busy girl), their love and connection is on every page. It's like the author has found a way to write Valek in to this story so that it feels like he was present the whole time. Gah. Just, seriously. Great Job!A side bar - I didn't think I would like the connection that Yelena had with "Kiki" but by the end of the story, Kiki became one of my favorite minor characters of any thing I've read to date. Weird? Yeah. Maybe I just thought it was a unique way to give Yelena a new talent that even surprised Irys. It was sweet.KATINKI aka KATE - if you're reading this review, you must read these books! I think you will like the main characters and the story as a whole. This goes for you too D... and Kassiah!ETA: Oddly, I just looked thru review and a lot of people gave this one or two stars. I am starting to see a weird trend on Goodreads where everything I love and give 3-5 stars, no one else loves; but the stuff I give 1-2 stars or flounce altogether, people give 4-5 stars. Am I in an alternate universe filled with bizarro humans? Or am I just wired completely wrong?