Hush Money (Talent Chronicles, #1) - Susan Bischoff I wanted to give this book 3 stars but the character Marco aka evil villain, ruined the book. I don't know how to explain why... It's like his "evilness" was just too atrocious and everyone just cowarded to him. Even in the end, there was no resolution, just the evil Marco doing his comical villain laugh while twisting his mustache and promising to get them all. I did read some of the reviews for the next book in the series and I gotta say it looks like the author is just going to keep letting Marco go on and on, including his attempt to rape the female lead. So... I really have no desire to read another book where all of these kids have powers but are too afraid of Marco whose only power is super-human strength. Ohhh scary!!! His actual talent should be - fictional character who controls author and blinds her to huge plot holes.