When the Sea is Rising Red - Cat Hellisen This was such a breath of fresh air. Of course, I've been reading too much smut of late, ha! I really loved that this book took a piece of lore and fantasy from so many different areas. Magic humans, selkies, vampires, modified hobbits, dragons, sea witches, medusa, and ghosts - all exist in some form. It's almost as if it is the evolution of the myths/tales at the point just before they fade out and cease to exist. As if this is each of these mythical creatures at their last flicker of power.I enjoyed the female (Felicita) lead. Just when I thought she would crumble, she found enough in herself to choose the path of freedom. I was disappointed, at first, with the male (Dash) lead - but after thinking on it, I actually really appreciate where the author took his character. The supporting male lead (Jannik) actually ended up being my favorite in the book, although I wish we could have had more of his side. I highly rec it.