Tight Knit

Tight Knit - Allie Brennan How cute is this book cover? So cute. I really liked this story. I'm not usually a fan of the changing POV every chapter back and forth, but it worked well with these characters. This was probably one of the most "real" books I've read in a while. Talia was a female character that I didn't think I'd like, because I had nothing in common with her. She was the type of girl I normally get frustrated with - but this author wrote her so beautifully that I started to feel protective of her. The ending was a bit open and I didn't get a lot of resolution. Normally I would not like that, but I've decided to look at it like this: These are teens. There's no way to get more resolution without going further in to their futures - and this story wasn't about that. I'm accepting it for the part of their lives it is. It might be interesting to run in to them again 15 years down the road. Overall, a solid and well written book. I'm actually adding it to my favorites shelf.