First Comes Love - Katie Kacvinsky So, 80% of this book was a solid 3 for me. The last 20% was a 2. I really liked both characters a lot until I hit the point where they go their separate ways. Dylan lost her free-spirited-ecclectic-zaniness. I just kept seeing Gray down the road in 20 years sitting at home with a daughter that hates everyone because her mom left after feeling too pinned down or some other excuse.(Ok, I might have compared Dylan to Renee from Twilight. Don't judge me.) Anyway, when I hit the 81% mark on my Kindle, I found myself thinking that all the stuff I liked about Dylan in the beginning, I really hated. She doesn't care what anyone thinks, but she is so worried about the constant moving and exploring and other stuff that starts to sound like a real line of B.S. I actually felt sorry for her and I lost my patience with her.