Hustle Me = by Jennifer Foor

Hustle Me - Jennifer Foor

UGH. Flouncing another "new adult" book... shocker!


The premise was good but the dialogue was so bad. Really. Really. Bad.


This author states in the beginning that the book had a "beta". I always take that as a bad sign. Beta is usually code for my BFF who loves to read my stories because I write really bad totally hawt sex scenes, like omg! Also, it screams www dot publish yo' self dot com.


This female lead character was so annoying. Her and her super rich roommate getting ready and going out to some club is the epitome of one of the overused cliches on my pet peeve list.


I kind of like the male lead, but the dialogue is just so awful that I'm flouncing. Why do I keep trying "new adult"? Why do I do this to myself? Will I stop? Probably not. /shrugs.