Not what I was expecting - in a good way.

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie  -  Jennifer Ashley

I've read probably about eleventy bajillion historical romance novels. And I usually like them no matter the repetitive, cliched, plot. So, when I try a new adult novel and am completely let down, I go back to my comfort genre. Where 75% of the time I'm going to get a 3 star read. And that's pretty good.


Ok... so I'm boring. And in a rut. And tired of the self-pub'd crappy edited, for lack of a better term, books out there. Historical romance is safe. Historical romance is a white down comforter on a suede couch with too many pillows and hot caramel cocoa on a rainy day after bribing the Mr to light to light the fireplace (even though it's 60 degrees outside).


This historical romance was so NOT like any other I've read. The "madness" was actually what I am assuming to be a mild case of autism. And it worked so well in this book.


The female lead didn't even piss me off. Like, ever. That right there is a huge shock. So, if you've not read this series - or if you're not a fan of this genre - give this book a try. It was very very good.


I loved it. I'm going on now to book two in this Highland Pleasure Series and I'm pretending they all talk like Ewan McGregor and David Tenant in my head. Because Scottish accents are awesome.


Deal with it.