A scandalously good series?

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage -  Jennifer Ashley

3.5 - being in the middle of a really good book series puts me in such a good mood all day.

- The men in this series are protective without being overbearing. They're not one step away from a present day legal action. They actually have conversations and listen to their love interest. I know... SHOCKER!

- the women don't do things to contradict their strong/stubbornness. Meaning, they are strong and when their husbands go caveman they stop and TALK TO EACH OTHER.
Example: there is a crazy dude on the loose in this book and Mac tells Isabella that she can't go anywhere without him. She starts to protest, but then STOPS FOR A SECOND AND THINKS and actually realizes that yes, someone is trying to harm them so she will NOT go anywhere alone. She will not stop her husband from protecting her.

She didn't give pout and do something stupid like run off, she agreed to this temporary fix until the man is caught. It's 1881 for goodness sake. She may be a strong woman, but home girl couldn't truly protect herself in a corset and bustle.

She also didn't stay locked up inside her house. She went out and Mac went with her and they spent time together doing errands, etc.

There was also a scene where a lady accuses Mac of being her baby daddy. Isabella comes down the stairs and overhears this. Instead of it being the contrived and expected blow up slash misunderstanding that every other book would have made it, she STOPS AND TAKES IN TO CONSIDERATION every thing she knows. There is a man who resembles Mac and is impersonating him. Possibly this woman is mistaken... let's find out the facts.

OMG The skies open up and angels sing. A WELL written book/series without predictable stupidity and cliched plot twists.

Ms. Ashley - I may be in love with you. SERIOUSLY.