Can aaaaaanybody fiiiind meeeeee...

Somebody to Love - Kristan Higgins

I have an actual headache from rolling my eyes. Why do all the women in these books reek of desperation? I don't know, maybe because I'm not looking, but do a lot of women act this desperately? This stupid? This annoyingly cliched?


Might explain why no one ever invites me go hang with the girls. I'd be the chic telling everyone to STFU and grow a pair. I mean, COME ON!!! *bangs head on desk*


And let's not forget the lack of communication and abundance of misunderstandings.

I wanted to actually cause physical harm to 80% of the characters in this book.

Oh well - maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm broken. I'm not going to be able to carry on with this author, though. I flounced three of the books within the first 3 chapters.