Good News

Sweet Thursday - Mari Carr

The last book was not the beginning of the end. This book was better. Killian is the sibling lead and his story revolves around a menage. It was well done. A bit cheesy on the dialogue in some places, but hey, what do I know. Maybe people really talk that way.


They handled the coughDELICATEcough parts of a menage with patience but I'm still confused as to why every woman in every book is an orgasm machine. I'm sorta jealous. I mean, not just one, but multiples... every time. Constantly. From a look or touch or whatever. Ha.


And now I'm moving on to the next sibling. I have 3 left.

So far we've had a BDSM story. A virgin meets rock star. A protective man with a hard to win over stubborn girl with no brains. A threesome (woot woot), and next, book 5... looks like an older woman/younger man.