It's a little bit funny

A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean

Not the book, but the way my brain works. See, I go in prepared. I read all of my friends' reviews on the book. Then I read the public reviews, but I skip all of the 5's because people who are not my friends usually don't know what a real 5 star rating on GR means. (Yeah, I said it. Usually. Not always) I skim the 1 stars, I focus on the 2s. The twos seem honest. So, I read them and I go in prepared.


Then I find that what I thought I would not like, didn't affect me the same way it did a lot of other people. 


I did not agree with the way our "hero" treated Pen. I thought Penelope was a little bit of a rug in spots and totally should have just punched him. Once. One good black eye... but otherwise, I enjoyed the book.