10 book challenge

I am about to try a little experiment. Who wants to go along for the ride with me?


Today I am starting a little challenge. I am going to read 10 books from my kindle- chosen at random- and I am NOT GOING TO read their summaries or the reviews that they have. Nothing. I'm going in blind. I'm sure when I get in to a book, I'll remember the blurb or why I decided to add it to my kindle in the first place (and if I randomly select a book in a series, I reserve the right to continue the series before going on to another book - and those will count toward the 10, too)


Um, damn, I'm making the rules all technical and shit.


So, yeah, NO reviews to jade my view ahead of time. I'm not going to look the book up at all before reading them. Only once I've finished (or flounced, because if it sucks, it sucks, I ain't putting myself through hell here!)



Here we go, the first book - opens kindle - closes eyes - scrolls ups, down, up, down, fast, slow, and randomly stops on...  


watch for upcoming review.