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All He Wants: All or Nothing Trilogy, Book 1 - C.C. Gibbs

I'm torn. There are small parts of this book I really liked - it was only like 5% of the book. The other 95% was instantaneous orgasms. Not even kidding. In the course of 24 hours the only thing she stopped "O'ing" for was to change locations - but the car ride was full of more "O'ing" so that probably shouldn't count either. Oh, and she was a screamer. I hate when they scream. I mean realistically - 90% of the people who read this book are women over a certain age who have probably had sex - a bit. And gotta say, I don't believe anyone is screaming or nearly going comatose from the Os. Ya know? Too much just makes your story ridiculous. And all the good parts get washed away.


Parts of their back and forth, wishy washy conversations actually made my head spin. Like, I got dizzy and a bit nauseated from the walls literally spinning around me.


PS. That was not an exaggeration. They meet - they start having sex - she becomes an O machine, he goes slightly psycho and then they split up and you have to read book 2.


Wanna know the bad part? I am actually going to read book 2.