Promise - Kristie Cook Too much of the first part of the book is the mom convincing her daughter none of it is real. She accepts that she can magically heal injuries such as burns and cuts to herself in front of her eyes - but hey, the people trying to kill her are all in her imagination because things like that are impossible. As opposed, you know, to making burns magically disappear.I rolled my eyes so much the first chapter that I got an actual headache and I had to flounce.I have like hundreds of books to read and I'm not going to waste my time on things that go wrong in the beginning. ETA: I just noticed in a bunch of other reviews that this book goes all sorts of Twilight. So glad I flounced because I was already thinking that when I read the author was taking her "things that didn't really happen" because she must have dreamed them and making them in to a novel. Oh gosh, here comes the eye-rolling again.