Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward Caldwell NY knows how to partay. They keep it rockin. They keep it... Sorry but rap songs get stuck in my head and I forget what I was doing. Oh yeah... Book 2 BDB. Better than book one but still so cheesy. I could do without all of the rap refs and fashion designer dropping. The further I get into these books, the less their names make sense. Rhage? Come on... He's a clingy pussy cat amirite? Wrath? Not so wrath-y. Phury... Only if you spell it E, M, O. Vishious and Butch are deep in their Bromance. Zsadist... Well, I know he is going to get his own book and I will be sad to see him go from Z to baybay z by the end of it. The brotherhood is not living up to their names and that makes me sad. Especially when Mary makes Rhage feel better by reading him Harry Potter. So not afraid of these dudes.