Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder 4 stars? Me? I know! I am trying to figure it out myself. I really loved this book. I liked the female lead. I loved Valek.*waggles eyebrows* Ari and Janco were awesome. I will admit that the first 10 chaps only got 3 stars from me because it took some time to get my head "into the world" properly. The author does an incredible job of setting up the imagery as far as our heroine; however, the location/setting threw me. The cover of the book and talk of castles and baths etc led me to put the whole thing in medieval times, in my mind. But, the author refers to things like factories and attire (heck, even a trampoline comes in to play). This brought me out of the story the few times it happened until I could train my brain to picture the alternate universe (which unsurprisingly started to look a lot like Game of Thrones does on TV/shrugs). It was NOT a HUGE deal, just me probably looking for something to nit pick.Also, I was very pleased with the way the story ended. It left me wanting more (so I'm rushing on to book 2 now) but it also tied up all the loose strings neatly enough that I didn't feel the edgy frustration I get when too much is left for follow up books in series. Know what I mean? I absolutely recommend this book. Even if it all goes down hill from here, I will be so glad I read book one. ETA: Here is how I am choosing to picture Valek: