Too Hot To Touch - Louisa Edwards I really wanted to enjoy this. I like the idea/plot for the series, unfortunately I don't like either of the main characters - at all. The way they are together is annoying, not hot, I found myself starting to skim as I read because I was that bored. The lead male referring to his bits as "bits" and telling the lead female she nearly sucked his brains out before she was even done swallowing, made me cringe. NO DUDE should ever refer to his junk as "bits". I just couldn't get behind either Jules or Max. I feel bad for Max though, he was written way too effeminate and I suspect if a book 4 were written we'd find out he is really in love with Chef Beck. I should probably mention that the restaurant stuff ticked me off separately. But that's only because I spent 10 years working in bars/restaurants/clubs/casinos. That's neither here nor there. I'll hush now.