Untamed by Anna Cowan

Untamed - Anna  Cowan

Um. I am only 14% in to this book and I'm flouncing. I like to think I'm fairly intelligent. Not only "book smart" but I have some "street smarts" and a bit of observation skills. I tend to "get things". Not this book, though.


I have no idea what in the hell the Duke is really about. Don't get me wrong; I like an author who leaves a lot of things up to the reader to infer on their own. However, there is not anything justifiable that I can think of that will make the outcome of this book worth the heavy b.s. I'm sifting through at the moment.


To be quite honest, there are just too many books in this genre for me to waste my time on this book any further. I gave it a try, but the characters are not very endearing and I kind of want to stab them all. If I liked one of them, I might stick it out, but I really don't.


Like them, that is.