Iron King update

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

Ok, so the last couple of chapters have covered Bette Midler's "Oh, Industry" number from Beaches as well as the "Oh ee oh. Eee oh oh" scene in The Wizard of Oz where the gang follow the witches guard and wrestle them for their uniforms in order to save Dorothy. Oh, and earlier the Oracle from The Matrix was here. 


And I still have 14% of this book left. I guess my confusion is this... How will this girl who is so fail at fey life get thru another 3 books? And who in the hell decides she should be a leader?


I should also say it's not all bad. While Meghan is getting on my last damn nerve, the other characters are well-written and entertaining. There is just nothing at all endearing about the lead so I don't see myself going on with the series.