I WANT to like you so badly!

I started The Princess and the Peer today. I'm not flouncing it, yet, but I am moving it to the back burner for a while. I really want to like it. Do authors understand that? I'm never looking to hate a book. I want a good story. I want the adventure. I want to get sucked in.


Not happening here. The editing and stuff is fine, but I don't particularly like the writing style. You know when someone asks a question and the character starts thinking to herself and three pages later she is still running some damn what if or suppose or if only bullshit in her head. And I'm wondering what in the ever loving hell is the other character doing? Are they frozen in time while they wait for a response? Are they staring and having their own mindgasm? Do they even care or are they seconds from yelling, "Do you have a mental problem, or are you going to answer the effing question?"


i get get really frustrated because all that thinking has nothing to do with the story. I used to be able to just skim it but now it really bothers me. Was your book so short that you went back and added this bullshit to make it longer? Are you that bad a writer that you couldn't fill the pages with actual plot and or character development? Or is this how you develop the MC? If so, gotta say, I'm NOT loving it.