January = month of hormones? Say what now?

Y'all, I am about to start something I've been putting off.


I have a bunch of Kristen Higgins' books and I'm about to dive in. At goodreads they all have pretty decent ratings, I guess. So I figure, let's just get it over all at once. Let us let the hormones fly. I can already see the typical "misunderstandings" lining up. The residual teenage angst now that the MC is all grown up. The underlying insecurities. The collection of gods posing as men on earth...



But you know what? Fcuk it. I need me some good ol'- sit by the fire- get comfy under the blanket- pull in my cup of hot cocoa- make the cat lay by me- while eating left over chocolate covered cherries readin'.


So - here's to January. I'm hoping to get a good cry in with each of these books. I need to release the tears.