I am in the process of adding my books at Leafmarks<-- ME


I do like that its layout is similar to GR. I am still going to use BL as my "homebase" but the only thing that I can't get here that I truly miss is the option to see my friends' reviews when I click on a book. 


I like to look at the summary and then scroll down and see what others think. Sadly, goodreads users don't give accurate ratings, nor do a lot of them give valid reasons for their ratings. I saw one user who gave a book 4 stars then said, "I didn't like this book...". 


I will still keep the link between booklikes and goodreads because right now, I am trusting their database and it is the most easily used/organized etc. at this point. Or at least until I'm more familiar with the others.


So... if you have a leafmarks already, feel free to add me. After my books get loaded up and I pretty up the joint, I'll explore over there. 


My page: https://www.leafmarks.com/lm/#/users/10557/profile