See? It ain't all bad to me:

Come Monday - Mari Carr

I had a hard time trying to decide if this series is chic lit, erotica, or new adult.


In my opinion it sorta fits all three. The reason I was torn was, well, to be quite honest, it was so damn well written. I haven't read very many new adult books that deal with D/s that are well done. They usually go way off base and turn things in to a big cluster fuck of non consent and/or bastardize the whole BDSM scene. This book did NOT do that. It was a bit light, and there wasn't really any conflict or major angst - so again - I'm hesitant to call it new adult. Also, I think these characters were a bit too old for the new adult genre. It seems like NewAdult is becoming teens with sex. (aka young adult on 'roids)


I moved on to, chic lit. I feel comfortable leaving it as chic lit, but it does have an over abundance of dirty words for the normal peace, love and misunderstanding genre. My sister in law reads chic lit; but I would not be comfortable rec'ing this book because it is too risque for her. And God would smite me, or something.


So, that leaves erotica. It would probably be erotica-lite, but hell, it was good to read it after the huge let down some other books were last year. I'll continue with the series and see what happens...