Did not expect that -

Ruby Tuesday - Mari Carr

Usually in a series, the books all have a similar theme. Like, if the first one is BDSM then all of them will be. So, I was expecting some more of that after the first book. But nope, that didn't really happen.


This series is shaping up to be about each individual child in the Collins' family. And, refreshingly, they're not "all" big closet D/s 'ers. (Although, the sisters do seem to like their booties touched. Whatever, I ain't judging. LOLOL)


Book two takes the cliched rock star meets unknown girl and falls in love story line and again, did a pretty damn good job with it. I was fully expecting the over the top annoying dialogue and misunderstandings and annoying female. Instead I got an entertaining way to spend a few hours. I zipped through this book fairly quickly and am falling in love with all of the Collins family.