I call do-overs!

Waiting for Wednesday - Mari Carr

This was book three and it was about the character I was most interested in. sadly, it was a let down. This sibling had a bad storyline and the love interest was a stupid idiot. ugh, I know that's harsh, but in the beginning of the book when in the process of leaving her husband he beats her so badly that she almost dies. She runs off to LA for a year and has the lawyers handle all the divorce stuff. Flash forward 11 some months. Her ex husband isn't in prison. Why? Whatever. She gives him her cell number. Tells him where she's staying. Meets with him. Wonders why in the fuck she is waking up tied up in his basement while he tries to rape her... Uh, hey, stupid idiot isn't sounding so harsh now is it? How about a year ago you press charges and send his ass to jail? How about if he does get out, you get a restraining order? How about if not that, you stay the fuck away from psychos? GOD I HATE WRITNG REVIEWS ON MY IPAD BECAUSE I CANT GET TO MY GIFS EASILY!!!


anyway, going on to book four. Looks like a threesome... Let's see how this big Irish family does with this? i hope the author just wrote the last book while suffering a dehabilitating bout of sickness and phoned it in.