Put a fork in me... I'm done

Friday I'm in Love - Mari Carr

This book was not so good. The writing fell back to pedestrian at best. Nothing new or quipy, so blah blah blah. I think the Collins family should have stopped at 4 kids because the fifth book was boring and I'm not going to read about the last two at all.


As for the series itself, up to this point, it wasn't anything exciting but the smexy times were usually written well. They became a little repetitive and boring by the fifth book. The females became more annoying as the series moved on and the men became overly mushy. I felt like I was in a fucking jewelry commercial or something.


Deciding now if I should cleanse my reading pallet with a hist/rom or go on with the other chic lit series I have. *going to hit the posted reviews first and see what I feel after that*