I think I'm weird.

In the Company of the Courtesan - Sarah Dunant

Per my last post, I started this book completely blind. No previously read reviews and I didn't refresh my memory on the summary. I mean, I had an idea by the title but it was so very different, and better, than I expected!


I should preface by saying that I have a weird fascination with courtesans in general. Dangerous Beauty is an excellent movie and you all should rent it. I grew up in Las Vegas and a few other cities and for a while when I was little we lived in a "motel" that had a lot of residents who were street girls. Not necessarily as classy as the whole courtesan idea but still - I think I had a very weird education by age of 5. FYI - fishnet stockings should not be worn with jean shorts. Even hookers know this! Just sayin'.

Anyway - this book... it is told from the point of view of a dwarf. The courtesan's companion and business partner. It had a lot of history in it and the author did a ton of research! It was very well done. Nothing grammar wise to complain about (it's not new adult nouveau fiction, it's actual historical fiction.) It's not a romance novel. It doesn't have any sex scenes. It's just the life and times of a courtesan and her dwarf.


And I liked it.


Of course I did. Work has been slammed this week so it took longer to read than normal. If I didn't like it, work would be slow and I'd have nothing else to do but try and read it. HA HA.


ANYWAY.. that is book one of my "blind challenge" - nine more to go. Will spin the scroll after work today and start the next book without reading reviews or the summary.