Ah, the ol' bait and switch.

A Man Above Reproach - Evelyn Pryce

For book 3 of my self-challenge, I got A Man Above Reproach. Not gonna lie, I was hoping it was a P&P spinoff. But, no. It started off good. I was in to the idea that was laid out in the first couple of chapters. The characters were presented and I was forming them in my head - but then I fell in to the trap of the ol' bait and switch.  


Sometimes when I'm reading, I wonder if the author really knows what they are writing, or if they start writing and just go where ever the story does - even if it turns in to a completely different book. The characters were set up and presented in one light but then after about 25% in they just became completely other people. 


Example one: in the beginning the lead male's best friend is described as the heir and next marquess. And that is mentioned more than once. Then we find out he is the second son. Then he mentions again that he will be the marquess. Either this was an error on part of the author or bad editing or whatever - I gave up.


The female lead is set up as one type of person and then all of a sudden she becomes someone else - totally. Like literally, a completely different person.


I am not explaining it correctly. I'm still half asleep anyway, but the point being, you can't just go baiting me in with one story and plot and characters and then switch them when you're 1/4 of the way in to the story. 


I'm flouncing at 25% because life is too short for badly written books. Oh, and because I was curious, I checked who allowed this atrociousness to be published and it seems it is from Amazon's little publishing venture. aka the self -publlished books with betas who pretend to be editors. I can't blame the authors when these books go so wrong. I blame the "editors" because it is their failure that the book make it through to, for lack of a better term, publishing.