If your friends jumped off a building...

Nia, Three Rs, Moonlight Reader, Silver Thistle... All Hail Grimlock. We do. We really do.


"Here's the deal.  I'm going to post ten things about me.   10 things that start with 'I am'.  If you'd like to join in the icebreaker, post 10 things about you, wherever you'd like."


1. I am able to sit and stare at my bookshelves for long periods of time. Sometimes I don't even need to read a book. I'm content just staring at them sitting happily on their shelves in order and pretty.


2. I am a corporate travel agent. I basically sit at my desk all day booking people on business trips. I have had the opportunity to travel a bit and the best part of my job was being able to help with airfare, eurorail, hotels etc when my daughter wanted to go backpacking through Europe for 6 weeks last year. I do get to work from home, though. My job is actually kind of awesome. HA HA.


3. I am a bit of a gypsy. Not literally. I've just lived in a lot of places. I have the urge to move often. I don't even understand it. I just like to move. I'm not a pack rat. I have very little in my house that is from 5 or more years ago. Basically, when I move I throw out almost everything I haven't touched in a long time - except my books. Other than that, it's clothes and furniture and we're off. (Places I have lived include: Michigan, California, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, Missouri, Wisconsin, No. Carolina) I mostly grew up in Las Vegas. I miss the west. Might be time to move again. I've been in North Carolina almost seven years.


4. I am an addict. I went from brown-nosing, salutatorian, National Honor Society, straight A student to junkie in one summer. After I graduated high school I took up a crystal meth habit. I was a crazy sketcher skeez and there are 2 years of my life I'd like to forget ever happened.


5. I am lucky. I have a very weird lucky streak. I can't explain it, but I have this lucky streak that comes and goes. I usually win when I call in to radio stations. I almost always win when we have drawings at work. I don't enter a ton of stuff, but when I do, I often am lucky.


6. I am also addicted to fonts. Not on my computer. Well, ok on my computer, too - but mostly doodle fonts. I could sit and just draw words -- any words -- all day long. I have markers and pens and pencils and varied colored paper just for the sole purpose of doodling. Once when I was strung out I took a fat Sharpie marker and covered an entire bedroom (all 4 walls) in nothing but different words and fonts. I also have a hard time just passing the school supply aisles. I can't not stop and look. Luckily, I don't buy so much as I just look at every item for sale.


7. I am a cat lover. I used to hate them. I don't know why. But after getting my daughter a kitten, I found that I love them. They are cute and cuddly when babies and then when they grow up, they totally leave me alone and are low maintenance pets.


8. I am completely and borderline insanely frustrated/mad/hateful toward the series Fifty Shades of Grey. I don't understand why even just typing about it right now makes me actually angry. My problem is not with the subject matter. I've read lots of BD/sM books and stories. It's just not well-written and I get so mad that such a large portion of women all over the world are "GUSHING" about this book. Maybe it's not just FSoG. I'm starting to think it's the majority of new adult books. A lot of them are not done well and I'm not happy that so many women are flailing over things that are substandard. Ugh. Ok, I'll shut up. I'm just working myself up over it now. *shakes it off*


9. I am not a fan of physical comedy. I am much more a fan of the joke being in the telling. I like my comedy dry and not so apparent to everyone. I like how Disney movies hide adult humor in cartoons. I like how you can be watching a drama and a character has an unexpected sense of humor. I am not a fan of cheesy, goofball humor. Or bumbling, klutzy comedy.


10. I am positive that Facebook is evil. I have one. How can I not? But I hate FB. I feel guilty if I don't like everything my friends post. I hate when I have friend requests from people I don't want to be friends with. I don't have any urge to play any games there. Yet, I have to go on and make sure that I'm actively participating in online society - otherwise I'd feel left out. I hate that feeling.


+1 - I am a pessimist. Obviously. I don't apologize for it, and I believe that deep down inside I am secretly an optimist in pessimist's clothing, but for all general surface appearances - I am pessimistic with bouts of optimism.