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I was feeling in the mood for a big ol' epic series. So, I put in the general search terms: Scotland, Lairds, Clans, Historical, Romance

The below two series came back with the most books (and also that I have saved already to my 500GB portable hard drive that I affectionately call The Mobile Library aka Good Things/Small Packages aka It's Bigger on the Inside aka The TARDIS).


Choice 1 - the majority of my friends have read this series and loved it. I'm scared to start it. What if I hate it? Gah. I know I'll probably hate it. I HOPE NOT!

The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I currently have on my Kindle books 1 - 8.5 plus A Trail of Fire. Series is about to be a Starz TV show. Will there be too much diversity between the book and the show? Will I freak out? Should I wait to read it? My brain hurts. I can't make decisions. /fail.




Choice 2 - Um, I'm not sure what is up here by the general summary. Only a couple of my friends have read it and given it mixed reviews.

Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole. I only own the first 12 books of the series. So, if I like it, I'll have to buy the remaining 2 that I don't have yet. This is the summary from GR:

Every creature or being that was thought to be mythical . . . isn’t.
They all secretly exist alongside humans and enjoy the gift of immortality. There are hundreds of different kinds: from Vampires to Lykae, from Furies to Shifters, from the Fey to Valkyries.
These immortals call their world The Lore.
You may have had a brush with one of Lorekind already. The eccentric billionaire with hypnotic charisma—and an aversion to sunlight. The ethereal waif of impossible beauty—whose fingernails look more like claws. The Highlander with a seventeenth-century Scottish accent and animal magnetism—who can never be penciled in on the night of the full moon.
They walk among us, but they war among themselves. Each faction has its strengths, weaknesses, and age old prejudices against the others. Every five hundred years, the Accession, a battle for supremacy, rages. That time is now. . .




Choice 3 - Recommend something else. THIS IS my shelf at GR with all of the "clan/laird" related books that I've already read.


Thanks for your time! Biting my nails because I seriously can't decide what to read next!!!