Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ

Outlander  - Diana Gabaldon

but this book is long.


Before starting the book, I went to YouTube and I watched the trailer 5027 5 times. I also watched the hour and a half fan gathering where we get to meet Sam and Cat (the two actors who will play Jamie and Claire). Also, they had set pictures and stuff, so I went in prepared. I had visuals to assist in my adventure.


I think it helped. I definitely liked the book, and I'm probably giving it a bit of a higher rating than I should because some of my TV show future fangirling is colliding with my novel fangirling. Either way... it's going on my favorites shelf.


At first, I liked how descriptive everything was and I appreciated the way the story was told. I was worried about a first person narrative, but it really works here.


I do know that I could have done without a lot of the scenes. I was like. Jayzus, is this ever going to be over? Will she ever let someone in on her secret?(About 1/2 way through I needed to beg for a spoiler to keep me going. Psst. Thanks SilverThistle.)


I definitely did not like the end of the book. I get it. He was messed up in the head after what happened to him and so it would not have been right if Sam and Claire fell back immediately in to a cuddly closeness. I see that. I know it's right. I know it makes sense. But this is fiction and I wanted to grab that Highlander by the hair and point out a few things!


And what is up with ending it right there? UGH. So you really do have to read book two. Luckily, I have all of the books - but gah!!! Didn't I read enough pages yet? I HAZ A NEED FOR ANSWERS!!!!

Ok, I just want to see Jamie bent over a wee one having a disgustingly cute baby talk conversation daddy to daughter. I need to know how they survive Culloden. Is Frank still alive if Black Jack died early? Will Gielis show up again? Will we ever make it back to Lallybroch... ah crap, I forgot how to spell it. Am I the only one who thought that Dougal was hot? Why is Murtagh (also can't remember how to spell it) so quiet around Claire? Is it just because she's a Sassenach or does he know more? Feel free to give me spoilers.

(show spoiler)

I'm going to start book 2 today if work is not too busy!