The Viper - Monica McCarty

I don't want to quit this series. I love the idea of it, I really do. But the (for lack of a better word) heroines of these stories are some of the dumbest women ever. My neck actually hurts from shaking my head in annoyance and disgust. Can I sue for whiplash? No? Ahhh well. I keep shouting random words like, "Stupid!" and, "ohmigodsofookingwrong!" My cat has left his spot where he was curled at my feet as he is no longer amused.


neither am I, kitty. Neither am I.


ETA: I do love the heroes of the stories though. I just am very angry at their poor taste in women. I refuse to believe Bella MacDuff risked it all to crown Robert the Bruce and ended up, quite literally, hanging in a cage for 2 years, to then be the stupid woman in this story. Sigh. I'm going on to the next book.