Walking a fine line.

Lick - Kylie Scott

That's how I felt after reading this book. The story was fun and reminded me of the days when I used to read fanfic like it was going out of style. But there were some definite things I did not like. Editing was poor. The use of "mum", "lift", and other British colloquialisms ticked me off. The first chapter was a little annoying and I almost gave up. 


But then... then it took this turn. Like the writing improved. The characters became people I was invested in. I cared what happened to the girl in this story. (And if you have read my other reviews, that seldom happens.) The first chapter had me marking this off as another chic I could give two fucks about, but then I was on her side. 


Even though I knew the event in question did not happen and that it was a misunderstanding - I still was team Evelyn. I'm almost never team female lead. 


So, overall. 3 stars. I took one away for the crappy start and one away for the bad editing issues. It was a good way to kill a Sunday and definitely a good quick read read for a plane or beach time.