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Dane - Liliana Hart

Ooookay then.

Soooo... I read this series and rather than review every book, I'll just review the first and say "ditto" to the remaining MacKenzie bros.


These were novellas (about 50-60 pages) and they were basically quick porno shots that I assume were written to give a gal a quickie to visualize before rubbing one out.

Man and women see each other. The earth stops. The stars align. He's the greatest man on this planet (well, his bros too) and she is the most wonderful thing ever. They have this instant connection and can see in to each other's souls. He gives her some over the top, screaming and creaming orgasms because it's only about her. And they promise to live happily ever after. Oh, and somewhere one brother argues with the other three and they rough house for 1/2 a page.