Panic - Lauren Oliver

The summary is very intriguing. It's a totally unbelievable idea made into a completely believable story. I had a hard time with the part of the story that has them with $67,000 for the pot plus additional money to pay the two judges. The author states that every school day of their senior year each student paid a dollar a day. She states there were about 150 students. At 5.00 a week for 40 weeks that is 200.00 x 150 students is only $30G. (AND OH MY GOD I JUST RUINED THE WHOLE STORY. I mean how did no one do the math on this yet?) This town was supposedly bankrupt and everyone was supposedly super poor. Yet, they all had cell phones and could come up with the money for this? I'm sorry. I've been super poor. I've had to go days in school without lunch. Coming up with 5.00 in a month, let a lone a week was hard enough. (ugh. I'll stop with my personal hang up on this bit. I get so damn touchy on the subject. I know, I know, not your problem. Shut up, Denise!)


Still, it was a really good story. The only other thing that really put me off was that the story is told in alternating points of view. Heather's and Dodge's. So, when the story implied that they "liked" other people I did not let myself invest in them with that other person because I assumed H&D would get together. That did not happen. I should have allowed myself to like them with the other characters instead of each other. Oh well. Live and learn.  


So, all that aside. My little grievances were just that - little. It was a good read and the only reason I would not rec it to an actual YA person is because I wouldn't want to give them ideas. This actually could happen in a po dunk town. (well not for $70 large but maybe like 5 grand.) Ok, now I'm rambling. Carry on.